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How WordPress Helps Already Depressed Writers Become More Depressed And Better Writers

After wrenching my gut in just a few words, I really thought I should elaborate on the enormous frustration with this — this, what?  Application? — place.  For as long as I can remember, WordPress has always had just the right amount of juice — just to get you going.  Often, it emerges as a total lack of insight and common sense, insofar as the development of this — thing — product goes.  But just to be fair, WordPress is not alone.  LinkedIn is another app that often leaves me scratching my head.  Like, What the fuck were they thinking about when they put this atrocity together?  But there, on LinkedIn, it is more the absurd limitations they place on their mobile version, which is in need of some serious revamping.  The mobile version of WordPress is not that bad — aside from losing something you just wrote and had thought you were actually publishing.  Now that’s traumatic.  It’s like trying to retrieve your stuff from a cloud. Imagine that!  But you  don’t want to have to copy and save your stuff in another app.  That’s the whole point, isn’t it?  It’s fast and convenient and ideally you shouldn’t have to juggle files between one app and another.

Pretty sure it’s been at least a year since WordPress launched it’s new Design — its user-interface — but the transition from the old interface and the new is still in progress.  Confusing?  Well, now you have the option (on your computer) to use either one. But you sense that both are deeply troubled.  And when you live with a condition like Bipolar Disorder or Depression, let’s just say you tend to be a tad more sensitive to visual shifts and perceptions, having experienced the broad spectrum of of such configurations, from high to low, on a regular basis.

Now I am in no way suggesting there is something wrong with that.  Some (actually a whole lot more than just some) people are just that way. And we struggle to cope with the world we live in and the world outside of us and try to balance those forces.  Our goal is to simplify, not complicate.  We already know a whole lot about complexity.  And as fascinating as complex thoughts and actions and behaviors are — sure is nice to at least have a semblance of stability.  And that’s where WordPress, especially, and LinkedIn can become our allies and advocates instead of our adversaries.

But you know whenever you make any assertion, it’s always good to back it up with examples, so here they are:

I screen shot my browser, showing both interfaces. But depending on which one you’re looking at, the message is, um, confusing?  One totally disregards the number of visitors to your site (the new one) and gives you a flat number of views, while the other provides both, but with some hesitation — Would someone please ask them why? — or uncertainty.

The Image I Wanted To Crop But Couldn't (It was too complicated)
The Image I Wanted To Crop But Couldn’t
(It was too complicated)
The Old Interface
The Old Interface
The New and Improved Version of WordPress
The New and Improved Version of WordPress


Maybe someone can figure out what is going on here?

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