Why do some people want to be famous? And what happens if they do or don't?

I was sitting here, stitching my fantasies together, when I began to think I may have something worthwhile to say. And maybe I would garner some bit (small) of attention, and so where would that put me?
I thought about it and decided I would go into the famous category. Which is not as great as you may think. Still. You are subdued and like to keep a low profile.
That’s the curtain I’d get behind.
But that’s just me.
It’s not like I would have gotten there any earlier –
(Well I might have.
With Modern Dance.
And the influence of Isadora Duncan ahead of me – )
But the thing that matters is –
But perhaps not.
I’m thinking my top pick for those who obsess with fame at an early age are Narcissists by Nature. Cher is my top pick. I remember reading she would work on her autograph long before she was famous.
But in the case of Cher, she actually had loads of talent to back that perception.
What about the ones who don’t?
Or the ones who become accidentally famous?
What happens to them?

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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