Why Do I Find Maryland So Boring, Chicago?

I don’t know why, but I find Maryland incredibly boring.  It’s a Democratic state, which is good, but it’s like a small town, as well.  I mean, imagine Chicago.  The Sports franchise has to arrange with Metro to keep the trains running an extra hour.


Things like that don’t happen in Chicago.  Because it is a city that never sleeps.  You can get around Chicago at any time of the day and night.  No need to make special arrangements.  Um…  The Cubs are playing today.  Do you think you can extend your service an extra hour?  Gee, thanks.  Really appreciate it.

Sure, it has a lot of rolling hills and vegetation, but its cities are really boring.  Rockville consists of a strip called 355.  Rockville is nothing but a suburban strip mall.  But which goes into other cities.  A gateway, perhaps.  Not much to offer, however, in and of itself.  I’ve heard it is referred to in a song by—what’s their name?—and the best they could come up with is how to get out of there, fast.

I find the lack of cultural diversity (even though Maryland is racially diverse) troubling.  That, for me, is a lifeline.  I absolutely need to be around Art, Music and Dance.  Those are my 3 Loves.  I’m not a happy camper here.

I continually badmouth Maryland.

Every opportunity I get.

Yet, there are those who love it.  It’s just the right fit.

NYC.  Yes.

But Rockville, Maryland?


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