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Who are the Mad Ones and Who Determines Who the Mad Ones Are?

If you’ve ever voiced dissent or opposition or questioned the status quo, you are a likely candidate to acquire the title of The Mad One

Questions, which should encourage even more questions and growth – that’s what they say, anyway – are often met with what appears disdain when the Bona Fide Academics talk.  

But the notions they appear to hold – these people who want to prepare for future mental health care services – are often obtuse to the layperson and appear disconnected to the actual experience of living with a psychiatric diagnosis. And that makes me wonder how connected they actually are to the experience … 
They might say, “Well, we’re Scientists.”

Yeah …


My guess would be:  
These Academics probably have a relatively meager understanding of the disease. But if that is not the case, no one offered a link proving otherwise. 

But the language, especially, is indicative of the disconnect between these trained experts and the subjects of those abstract ideas for sale. 

And that makes me wonder about the applied value of all that pseudo-scientific knowledge – and that’s exactly where all the action begins –   

The Lampoon

I suppose it’s hard to recover from that type of attack, but someone could at least try to. In all honesty I cannot really explain it because I do not fully understand it. Not one person challenged me afterwards. NO Sense of Humor. Is it that dry up there?

Or –
Studying theory and numbers is fine …

But the subjects of that theory and its application should be in on the conversation, since they are the vital link in the equation.  Without them, the equation is meaningless. 

Plain theory doesn’t work when you’re dealing with people. And if it doesn’t connect to actual people instead of just numbers, then, that theory belongs in the trash. 

My approach is to say what I think, regardless of conclusions others make about me. 

But if you start whining and shouting but still manage to raise valid questions …  

Do you think they like you?  Highly unlikely. So rather than examine their own intellectual growth and perspective and its relevance on actual organisms, they ignore you, and behind your back, they say, 

“Oh…  Her? 

She’s The Crazy One.”  

And thus, in one swift move you are  socially demoted and intellectually isolated from others, as though something is wrong with you … 

When in fact they are …

The Mad Ones.

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