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What’s Wrong With A Bunch of Stoned And Happy People?

Absolutely nothing.

They are happy with where they are, living in a society with exemplar and progressive standards, unsettling tolerance for differences and preferences among its people, and most importantly, listening to them.

The sense of liberation you feel in Denver is mind boggling. You find yourself behaving furtively, and then you realize, it’s totally unnecessary because it’s legal!

You have the freedom and are welcomed to indulge in the drug of your choice – for an incredible number of therapeutic applications, as well – openly and freely. On your front porch. Back yard.

The people in the Dispensaries are super-friendly and happy with their jobs.

Nice environments.
And according to code.

What would these people be doing otherwise?

Working at Boutiques and Comic Book stores, Fast Food syndicate?

What could be more interesting than selling your high school English teacher pot?

I’d move to Denver in a snap.
Does it get much better than that?

This is what I would call a social revolution.!

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