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What is Fate?

What Is Fate?
It’s a question several have asked over the course of human thought. Western civilization started with Greece and her influence and interpretation and interaction with her neighbor to the South – Africa and Egypt.

Early Greek Art – The Kouros, for example, is based on an Egyptian template. What the Greeks did is simply stripped its ornament and showed its essentialForm.

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So we’ve given Fate a lot of thought over the ages.
And since we are still talking about it –
It must mean something.
Like there’s still a lot more there to explore.

It’s one thing, however, to discuss Fate intellectually.
And quite another to feel swept up into its madness destruction and eventual resurrection –

That is quite different from mere speculation.
For example.

You are facing a transition in your life from one stage to another.

So in this case.
The picture may be construed using strong visuals.

As Fate would have it –

(Who else could come up with such a grand scheme besides Fate?
No one. Nothing.)

Fate said:

I am going to throw these two together and see what happens.

Very scientific.
A bit whimsical. (The strong identification of women as capricious and unpredictable.)
But also chilling.

One day, however, the two of them – the urgent questions they asked – stressed Fate’s Tech System really badly.

It was down for 15 minutes.
When Fate said:

Back to Chaos now.
And Probability!”

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