What in the world is Germany doing to Greece?

Let’s see.  What have I compared her to in the past?  I must go through my index and find the other pieces about her.  But she looks so matronly, right?  Angela. Like a loving grandmother.  Wouldn’t hurt a flea. Angela.  I see her as someone who is passing out lollipops at a prestigious school.  Who understands what’s going on…  As I said, so matronly.

But has no problem forcing the Greek nation into extinction over money…

This she would do to the Greek nation — the origin of Western civilization.  Don’t you think that’s significant?  And yet, if we expose the treatment of Greece by other world Powers we see a really unbalanced picture.

Greece claims Germany owes her $150 Billion — that’s right — $150 Billion Euros for what Germany did to Greece during World War II.  This is finally starting to get some attention in various parts of the world, including the US.

In essence Germany looted Greece’s treasures from all over the country and treated the Greek population with condescending postures, such as.  “We’re protecting them, actually, by taking them as mere souvenirs.”  Or something very close to that.

In addition to some deep controversy over gold, which is addressed in WWII German Reparations Petition, conducted by the Hellenic Electronic or HEC, as it is referred to by those inside.  The Petition, which I still don’t completely understand clearly, but which financial wizards would have no problem addressing — (It’s all about the Occupation Loan.)  — .  This petition has gathered close to 200,000 signatures.  And it’s now a hot topic of discussion among government officials.

What follows is an example of German interaction with their Greek counterparts, plus everyone else.

As The Germans Put It

“The present act shall not be considered as a theft by which the perpetrators wanted to benefit financially. This is understood due of the fact that these were educated people, and have shown their interest for Greek antiquities, thus is understood because they knew the English language and made use of the English written instructions. The perpetrators would obviously had the intention to use this method to acquire the artifacts as souvenirs.”

Yeah, right.

And we’re supposed to believe that?

That is the most recent HEC Project— translation of a written catalogue of German behavior during their occupation of Greece.  The Social Skills of Nazis.  It’s a fascinating document because it is recorded with a balanced eye — pure journalism — of what was happening during the war.  At least I think so.  Those who recorded these things could have been selling oranges and apples at the fruit market.  Didn’t matter.  The behavior of the Nazis is sparingly recorded in enough detail as to fascinate others.

There is another story of 3 German generals who broke into a museum and took with them artifacts that were protected and behind glass.  But they broke the glass and fled.  And when they suspected somebody had seen them, fled away on their motorcycles.  In a way, the Germans are portrayed as educated thugs who were wrapped into Hitler.  After all, Hitler had an artistic streak in him.  He painted.  And those guys knew the value of artifacts they had just stolen.


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