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What Excites Me

(NOTE: This totally needs to be re-written)


I’m much more interested in the person in The Congo who has come by and connected with me once. Strange places. Exotic experiences. Unrelenting determination,

Refusal to submit to external restraints.

That’s what’s there.

It’s about time.

Plus, The United States bores me.
It’s obvious that Imperialists inevitably fail.

So what are they doing now?

Agitating the globe.
Our noses in everything.

The perfect model of an annoying person who one cannot see overtly, or even have a hint of his image.

Someone – Something better. Other than the huge mess we’re engendering now.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

Keep it simple ... Radical ... Writer, Artist, Dancer, Musician, Chicago Betty

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