WARNING: Dark Thoughts

It has been one week today since I began this blog, and sure enough, it was only a matter of time before I faced resistance.

And since I take what other people say and think seriously…

Adapt myself accordingly.

And so I have created a new category here, the title of which you see above, to shield those who have an aversion to exposing their psyche to things they’d rather not.  I will also attempt to further organize my categories, so rather than being in chronological order, are perhaps more static, with my most read essay at the top, for example, thereby allowing others to explore, based on their own interests and inclinations.

In doing so, however, I feel compelled to add the following…

My sole intention here is to say what I think.  Sounds pretty easy, huh?  Yet you may be surprised (or perhaps not) by how many people are sensitive about certain thoughts. But it is precisely that which brought me here.  Meaning, I saw it was essential to set aside aside the preferences and proclivities of others, so that I may speak freely, and without censorship.  I owe that much to my development as an artist.

Further notice given involves my devotion to revisions.  Since I don’t always hit upon the exact word during composition, I frequently return, once I’ve got it, and insert it where it has been itching to go!  Some times days will pass before a particular and troubling phrase finds its appropriate destination—the trash, for example—and all I can say here is…

The situation is fluid…

And just as I like it!

Still, I am tickled by the number of people who have stopped by, especially in these days when reading is on the decline, and most thankful for attention.

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