Speaking of Words


If there is one word that makes me gag above all others it is the word upscale.
It reeks of pretension.

Plus it offends my populist sensibilities—

(Not that I don’t like nice things.
I do!

And I will pay the price for something that contains excellent craftsmanship and a smart design—provided I can afford it.)

And yet, this word—upscale—crops up now and then, used by vendors to showcase their products, with the well-meaning and conscious intention of demonstrating that they have something others don’t.  They’re “In—” in other words.  “Cool.”  “Hip.”  “Superior.”  “In the know.” “Classy.” (OUCH! That’s another one that hurts.)…

While the rest of us are just a bunch of classless, clueless, intangible dummies.

It seems to me though that whenever anyone feels compelled to make such claims they are anything but the things they perceive themselves to be and lay claim to.

Personally, I am categorically opposed to the use of adjectives to describe different degrees of social eloquence and refrain from using adjectives that conveniently pocket human beings into one class or another.

There are exceptions, of course.

The Poor, for example, is a concrete description of a tangible set of people.  We immediately know what one means when they refer to The Poor.


The Rich.  We know who they are.  They’re the ones with the dough.

Other exceptions also occur.

Some people are Hicks, for example.  I had a neighbor who once described herself as such after I asked her where she came from.  “West Voorginia,” she said.  Then added, “You know.  A Hick.”

But in fact, I didn’t know that Hicks and West Voorginia were intimately linked with one another. Or interchangeable.  At least not until then.

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