Universal Laws

There was one thing she was sure of — all dogs loved to get their heads scratched. It was the first universal law about dogs, she reasoned, based on her experience.  A dog had yet to withstand the pleasure principle of having your head scratched til you succumb to sleep.  Because that’s how it always ended.  The way we think of rocking a baby to sleep.  The sheer joy of creation.  And other strange things.  Dogs, we already know, ranked above humans, in her world.  And why shouldn’t they.  They certainly yielded absolute devotion and unconditional love.  Having been burned a few times by humans made dogs all that more important.  You immediately eliminated a significant pain quotient.  All the annoying aspects that come with being a human, for we certainly have more than we can handle.  And there is something which is plainly nurturing when you scratch the head of a dog.  It feels good to give.  And to know that what you give is appreciated — unlike us humans sometimes.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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