Difficult to Categorize Human Behavior

Unfathomable Human Behavior

This is gonna be a long list.
I can just feel it.
But I thought I might as well begin now with the one thing that has puzzled me, for it seems to defy both Logic and Intuition, and I have no idea where to put it!

There are two left turn lanes. In one lane there are at least 8 cars. In the other, 1.

Vera makes an excellent point – a practical version – of the problem I raised above. I can’t copy her comment though, so you’ll have to go and read it.

Vera, I rate your solution as a “5.1”. And I think I’m being generous, balanced. But when I wrote that I was thinking of a specific intersection in North Bethesda (Actually a snooty version between Bethesda and Rockville that borrows the affluence of Bethesda and tries to disassociate itself from the cultural abyss that characterizes Rockville.) where the goal is to get on Rockville Pike, and seldom do people make a U-Turn there. I kind of thought it reflected the sheep mentality, lining up, following blindly whoever was ahead of you, and eventually looking at the lone wolf to their left, wondering what the fuck is wrong them! It’s easier when you let someone else do your thinking for you. Line up and shut up.

But this brings to another pet peeve of mine. There is no left turn lane, only two lanes. I get really anxious in those situations. You want to assume the car ahead of you is going forward, but just before the light turns green, they decide to throw you off, and turn their left signal on, so you’re stuck. Once the light turns greens, you’re too close to them to swerve to the right and switch lanes, and since this usually happens on a busy street, like Connecticut Avenue, heading into the District, the car ahead of you may not be able to complete the left turn until the light turns yellow. Passive-Aggressive? Or pure aggression? Or asleep at the wheel? Oh, yeah. I gotta turn left here. I have learned to think defensively in those situations and now avoid any possibility of a left- turn human at the wheel.

(Still thinking about the time delay between purchasing pencils and surveys months later to determine your purchasing experience of those pencils, Vera.)

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… but the inside lane allows for an immediate back turn, a u-turn, the other generally obliges the driver to go onto the crossing street – at least in the U.S. – so it is a matter of destination, I think, not caprice or madness of the crowd … did this answer help…? was this satisfactory…? how would you rate this on a scale of…??? ( part of what bugs me onto death: the eternal questionnaires by intruding telephone calls about my satisfaction with whatever I bought or used months earlier – I buy a pencil and two months later I get the call: … … ‘ thinking about that day, on scale of …etc…. how would you rate: the pencil itself, the sales-girl /or boy [the server], the general appearance of the store, the side walks outside it, the weather, the color of the sky at that time at that hours … etc. ‘ did that ever make it into print ?/ it needs to! My current defense is hanging up with thanks, but no thanks.

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