Today is a humid and warm day on the brink of Autumn.  Many of the trees have changed.  Theirs leaves.  Their beautiful colors are awake right now for all to see.

But how does one spend such a day.

Is their room for contemplation in your life, for example?  Some, at least?

For contemplation is a relaxation skill that can be enjoyed by most humans, given the chance.  But the hard part is sticking with it, of course.  Because that requires discipline.  And we’re pretty lazy.  Probably no other animal is as lazy as us.  And we flaunt it.  So we don’t have much going on there for us, do we?

So why not attempt to reach higher goals on our scale as humans?  Destructive people and behaviors are immediate grounds for expulsion from this club.

Anyway, Halloween is right around the corner.  Makes you wonder how many ghouls there really are out there.  And what costume they will be wearing on Halloween.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

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