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This is my second attempt to write this. I just lost my first draft. The app froze. And that’s what I was going to post. 

As I was saying, this was/is? Window #2, the other Stat Page, which has the option to compose, among other features. 

I suspected, I would have a chance to get there, to my tags, that all of my tags would show up there, so that would have solved that problem, but based on what just happened, herethat is a more challenging experiment than I had originally anticipated, and apparently I’ve been bumped backwards to the initial Composer screen. I can see that because it’s appearance is different. 

Second, I noticed, when you hit Return, the app jumps 2 spaces, which is not as frustrating as its mirror app, this Stat page, the chaotic one, the formatting disaster. 

Now this is good, but not ideal, by any means. If someone is composing a poem, for example, it is highly unlikely they will double-space each line. The Paragraph menu on this and that page contains other options, but not spacing, and that is an essential feature for writers. 

Following, my attempt to see if the Paragraph menu had been modified to show spacing options, upon my return to the text there, the app – the Composer – froze. 

So I looked for the Preview option there, deciding to just publish that, but could not find it, and I pressed a button (Which one? I have no idea now!) and my entire post disappeared. It hadn’t been saved. So now I’m reluctant to repeat that experiment, as the point of that experiment was to determine whether all of tags were available in that screen. Much too risky now. 




(See?  I would  not double-space those 3 lines, here or there.)

However, looks like that has been corrected! Yay!!!!  I just noticed that my paragraphs in Preview mode are spaced correctly. I don’t have to go back and forth, adding an undetermined and inconstant number of Returns to correct that issue. 
P.S. Nope. No access to all of my tags. Plus, all of a sudden, Categories, are lowercase, regardless of how you type it, and even if you try to delete and rewrite the category, it is still lower case. Same is true for tags. YUK!

Here’s that beauty …

To circumvent this, I typed WordPress in upper case. What got was this: wordpress

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