Tips on how I will get a job in Maryland: A Prediction

Live in Maryland for 9 years and bash it for 4 years. Then something changes because of something you did and which then changes you.


Spend another 2 years bashing it with a New Yorker. Then concede with the New Yorker it is because of what each other means to the other – that’s what makes Maryland a great town to live in. So from there, I advanced to a fairly high level, unbeknownst to me – what was unusual about it, anyway? – who cannot distinguish borders very well.

Perfect combination.

And started to become excited.
Felt involved.

But guess what now?

I must move away before I can come back here.

But in the meantime, I will take a much-needed cruise Westward.

I have to figure out a way to take Eddie with me …

Now that would be fun.

Bipolar Buddies Do Road Cross Country Road Trip Together.

Title –

Shifting Gears

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