Times In Your Life …

There are times in your life when you have so much going on that it’s difficult to pause and extract a few morsels from the brew.  And everything is big.  The stakes are high and a lot is on the line.  Will your relationship survive the crisis?  That’s a question you find yourself asking more and more.  It’s difficult to tell.  Rather you are in this mist of confusion and know you simply must act according to what your gut is telling you.  Your fundamental being.  That’s where you end up.  There.  And there, there is only one rule:  Act According to Me and You Will Not Fail.  You know you can’t do otherwise.  Know you must act on that level.  And while you don’t know where that will lead you, you know that being true to yourself is the thing that matters most in your life.  Know Yourself.  And that this is what will save you.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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