Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 37

(HOW IT ALL BEGAN)  Just realized this morning that I’ve been 3 hours off all week!  Instead of setting my watch forward, I set it one hour back, but I based that on the clock in my car, which was already one hour ahead, as I had never changed it this past Spring – or something like that …  It all began when I looked at my watch — to check the time, of course — and it was 8:20—something. Still plenty of time for coffee and opening my eyes.  After some time had passed, I glanced at my watch again, and it was still 8:20—something.  I did a double-take.   A moment of panic:  “Shit!  I’ve gotta get going.  My watch stopped!”

(Still trying to figure it out, however.  Highly likely my computations may be wrong still.  99% sure of that.)

Does Time stand still?

Is Time an Illusion?

What is Time?

Would I rather rock to the rhythms of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 37, or to the hands on my watch?

Why, Beethoven, of course!

Besides, my watch is way too unreliable.

And what happens when I listen to Beethoven instead?  Why I get lost, of course.  And my sense of time is totally transformed, irrelevant, essentially.  For although the concerto is a mere nine-fifteen minutes, I have traveled much farther than that — in Time — and any attempt to measure that would be infinitely foolish.

And although I began this entry fully intending to discuss my experience with Time, Whiskers and Gloves, it now doesn’t feel right, since the tenor of that piece is much lighter than the minor keys of Beethoven, and I am overwhelmed by those keys.

Dark Clouds
Dark Clouds

Nor do I have any intention of discussing the three questions I listed above!

The Watch
The Watch

However, I will provide the contrasting images that led me to where I am now, at this point, in time …


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