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Three Sphinxes

One day as I was walking, the horizon, vast and empty, except for 3 perfectly aligned sphinxes, one behind the other, and relatively close to each other, were positioned on the road ahead of me, and under blue skies.  And before I could pass (for you know how sphinxes are) I had to answer their questions.  These were their questions:

First Sphinx

“How many people does it take to start a revolution?”

“Um.  One?”  I said.

“Pass,” she said.

Second Sphinx

“Your thoughts about money, please.”

“Mmmmmmm …  Um.  A Necessary Evil?”

“Pass,” she said.

Third Sphinx

“How much money do you need to start a revolution?”

“Um.  Around 2000 dollars?”

“Pass,” she said.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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