Worst Jobs

The Worst Job I Ever Had

Well, I wasn’t actually getting paid for it – Thank, God! It was a required volunteer position at the Cooperative Preschool in our Development, which, except for the teacher, was run by Volunteers.
Well, that didn’t always mean we were well-matched to our jobs.
(I wore several hats.
We all did.)
Anyway –
I handled the Book Club and I served as Treasurer of our Board. In order to place our orders, the parents – all moms – had to pay for their orders at the time when ordering took place. These orders were often paid with nickels, dimes and quarters, and rarely with paper money.
Clear, so far?
So then I had to use my Award Winning Arithmetic Skills to make the orders match the amount of money I was given.
Well, here come some more Wells
3 attempts = 3 different numbers
Every attempt thereafter continues pattern of failure to reach a successful solution and finish the fucking problem!
Like I said.
It was the worst job ever.

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