Corporate Weapons Against Consumer

The Verizon Affair

“Your approximate wait time is 5 minutes or less.”

Now that’s what I call service.

Yesterday I was stuck in a cycle of computerized answering machines that just went round and round.  Makes you dizzy, to keep going through those menus, knowing you’re getting nowhere fast.  Just now, I grew impatient after a 3:42 minute wait, and then my dog, Aristophanes, pressed the keypad of the phone and disconnected the call.  Plus they hadn’t told me the first time how long the wait would be.  But worst of all, is the screechy music, while you are queued to speak to a representative.  It’s like fingernails screeching across a blackboard.

Well, I knew I wasn’t gonna waste too much of my time on them.  I like to get to the point quickly.  The call lasted for 23 minutes.  Yesterday, they were giving my husband the run-around for 2 hours.  Three Verizon representatives told him 3 different things.  You see, Verizon was advertising this package called Triple Play for thereabouts $95/month.  Our first bill from Verizon clocked in at $233.  My husband immediately disputed this bill, and we had noticed Verizon had added additional, unauthorized channels by us, including online computer gaming!  Preposterous.

And now Verizon refuses to accept what was an administrative (maybe duplicitous) error on their part, plus, they want us to pay for it!

How slimy can you get?

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