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The Tombstone of Phrases

It’s not far from where you live. Everyone has one nearby.
Closer than they may think.
(Or, realize.)
It’s in your head.
So we are designing a tombstone for the word …
Blahpolar suggested the following:
Rest in pieces rather than Peace
RIP Mental

There’s no reason why we can’t add whatever pejorative terms, associated with the word, on the tombstone.
Please feel free to contribute.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

Keep it simple ... Radical ... Writer, Artist, Dancer, Musician, Chicago Betty

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I know! You’re right…I’m going to brainstorm a bit – if I come up with anything I’ll share it! Thanks for the kind invite. :)) p.s. Blahpolar is a dear friend of mine with excellent taste in blogs)

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