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The Thing With Being Hypomanic

Wow. An improved WordPress. I’m impressed. Highly organized (so far) and user-friendly version. Congratulations!

At this point, I have forgotten my Subject Line. I seem to have suffered not only short-term memory loss but delayed memories prior to ECT treatment, which is annoying when you’re watching a movie with an actor you’ve known for years yet can’t remember his name.

Fucked up.

But it does come back to you eventually…

Hypomania is an intense experience. All your senses are heightened. I, for example, become extremely creative. And the one thing that fascinates me is … What? Oh, yes. Bad judgment. One could write a book on Bad Judgment.

For example, when I suddenly picked up and went to Greece in January of 2010, I was off of all meds and feeling terrific. That’s when I started my blog and wrote in it daily. A very productive period for me.

However, my writing can be highly acerbic and satirical (that’s what happened to me when I was in grad school when I failed the assignment which was: Write Your Personal Philosophy of Education. I satirized the current purveyors of Education and placed the father of American Education on the shoulder of the road, with a flat tire. John Dewey. Whilst he waited for someone to notice and help him, the current breed ride by, oblivious to him.)

He told me to rewrite “my” philosophy, to which I replied, “Impossible.” Not until it changes. So that’s it for now. So he gave me a “C” for the class. A C in grad school is like an F – failed.

I was happy to discuss at length how far Education had strayed from its original goals. Now they were like some kind of factory, where they fed kids what they considered useful knowledge.

And I gave it an “F.”

So you can make what appear like goofs in your life… But what you’re really doing is being true to yourself.

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