The Temptation

That’s a tricky one.

Okay. So suddenly – not really – out-of-the-blue – but then, who really knows? Is there a larger scheme out there? Several of them, perhaps? Someone bigger and smarter than us?

Scribbling on a tablet?
Doodling with us?

Who knows?

Yeah. So there is something going on out there and its source is a mystery.

Time starts to shift. Mondays may seem like Fridays.

And totally forget about numbers – except for useless numbers that get stuck in your head. Old telephone numbers.

But not much.
You flunked Algebra?

Things get misplaced in other dimensions. Or sometimes they are there, but you cannot see them.

Those kind of things.

I just messed with the quotes.

So the problem with the temptation is it’s difficult to actually talk about it because it is based on the foundation of feelings.

It’s best sensed.
Not discussed.

Like I said.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

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