The Storm

For Those Of You Who Have Never Experienced …
The suicide of loved ones
The anger of your child towards you
What it is like to live among clouds
Or plumb the depths of the Abyss
The intensity of Blues, Reds, Yellow
The serenity of the palest green
One moment of peace
The Solitude of Beauty and Truth
Years of being unable to get there – fully knowing you are there
The bittersweet taste of Camus or Sartre
The elemental sentences of Plato
The horror of humanity before you and behind
The indifference and callousness of the Human Soul
The plight of the downtrodden
The beauty of the stars
The mystery of life
of Love
The wondering why you should be selected to become
What is the purpose of this?
The open window and you on the other side
Ah … Such beauty to behold when you are one –
Tell me then what and who you are?

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

Keep it simple ... Radical ... Writer, Artist, Dancer, Musician, Chicago Betty

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