Difficult to Categorize Greek Economic Crises NOTES

The Queen of Stupidity—

That would be me.

I keep forgetting my helmet at home!

No wonder I get confused.  Tuesday, Wednesday— What difference is there between them?  Without my helmet secured to my head, I am at a disadvantage—  My navigation skills are significantly diminished.

Now I know I have mentioned The King of The European Union more than once.  And I know I have promised to deliver his speech.  But I am being extra cautious, since it requires careful translation.  The language he spoke was a combination of dialects, which I have been working hard to extract, with the help of a translator.  But I promise you.  You will have the full text of his speech to the nation soon.

For I never fail to deliver!

But let me tell you what happened after I posted my latest report from the front.  I re-entered the other city, and found a fashion show in progress there.  I did!  And if you know anything about Athenian women, then you would know they are fashionistas of an advanced order.  I browsed around—not much appealed to my fashion sense—and as I had almost completed a survey of the room, my eye fell upon a rack of dresses.

I approached with caution.  Would they have the kind of dresses I like to wear?  I fingered my way through the fabrics… Then on the third piece, I felt a curious fabric, and my curiosity deepened.  I pulled it from the rack, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It was a dress made completely of black feathers!  Anchored with two wide, green satin straps at the top, and a wide satin belt of the same color, which hugged the hips, and was curled into the shape of the flower.

I had to have it.

That was my dress!!!

I slapped my Euros on the table (and thereby helped the economic crisis—admittedly in a small way, but nonetheless, I had tried…)

And I thanked my patron for always leading me when shackled by Blind interests.

And I flew home.

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