The Professors Revisited

Their emails are so annoying, and for some odd reason I cannot stop getting them, so I cleanse my box each day of their drivel, and usually ignore them, until something pops up that piques my interest.  And that happened this morning and I realized the professors are a sorry bunch of free-loaders, who show no appreciation whatsoever for their host, Hellenic Electronic Center, which generously offers them room to engage in their worthless drivel, never once agreeing and standing for something they believe, instead, talk, talk, and more talk.  And nothing else.  So it was interesting to get a message this morning that had to do with their annual fundraiser, which basically raises pennies just to keep the operation going.  If these professors each donated $10 that would be a gold mine for HEC, since there are nearly 6,000 of them.  But do you think they do anything?

No.  They are too busy playing with their komboloya.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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