Bipolar II

The Poverty Gourmet Cooking Show. We'll Show 'Em. (DRAFT)

(CONCEPT) Design a simple web page on how to effectively use your Public Healthcare – without first dying. 
(TRANSITIONS) You’re at the Finish Line, you’re almost there, and this is where you ended up?  FUCK THAT. 
However, we can use our wits to outwit them, it seems, as demonstrated in a recent and accidental experiment
But I am not going to go into that. 
So let’s all just jump in at once:
…..  If, for example, you are in a car accident, someone rear-ends you, and the ER doctors advise you to see a Neurologist, to do an MRI, you are in NO shape to handle administrative Brain tasks like that, so you ask …
But who are The Brain Doctors? Who are those doctors?  The Brain Doctors. 
So instead of doing what you know you cannot do – make personal visits and have to deal with disgruntled State workers who were once where you are now, or lots of phone, which go


Why not go straight to the top?

Straight to the Governor of the State, the State Representatives. 

Have a TANTRUM. 

They’ll never forget you. 

They probably have a file on you, too. 

Tell THEM what’s bothering you.  

That’s your name.  
And tell them – you mean business. 

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