The Earth Planet Reports

The Planet Report

I dunno. I just decided to press the go backwards feature on the app.  But Earth started to spin backwards instead. 

I couldn’t get it to stop doing that. I felt some sense of injustice or induced with some Naurally Occuring r Headtrippingthoughts Against my will, stream of consciousness gigs. 

All we all know we’d be in big trouble if that happened. 
But Jupiter looks Super cool! Today. 

It’s a good place to go for a psychic cleansing. 
Saturn continues to look like a golf ball coming at your eye, but other than that, he’s pretty chill today. 

Uranus is no doubt Serenity. It’s shade of Blue is completely uplifting. 

And then we take our final plunge into Neptune, the darker but still luscious shade of Blue, the Blue of the Sea. 

The pinnacle of consciousness,  maybe?

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