The Picture I Didn't Take

Time is a morass of confusion for me, essentially. I keep (attempt to) track of it with tremendous difficulty. 
Sometimes, it works to my advantage, especially, when I think today is already tomorrow, but it’s not. I can make huge gains during those lapses
Today began with the usual confusion. I woke up and thought I had a productive day ahead of me. I had so many things I had to do, which I hadn’t done, so this was good news!  Productivity, ah. 
I bathed and dressed, got what I needed to have, and with a light touch, descended into the depths of conscious confusion. 
I headed for the bank first. I needed cash. And I had to go into the bank (Why?  
That’s another story.) 
As I neared the bank, a sense of apprehension overcame me. It looked dark. Why was it dark in there?  I knew it wasn’t Sunday. So why was it dark? It was always sunny in Paradise.  

Why was it Dark in Paradise!

That’s pretty much how the day went, today, so I decided to forget about today, and instead, think about tomorrow …

Things That Never Made It Into Print

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