The Night Sky

It’s Monday.  But it feels like Friday.  Actually, it doesn’t feel like any day at all.

Time is Infinite. Unlimited.

Today could be a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

But it feels like a Friday.  And midnight is only an hour away, and even here in Rockville, you can see a modest collection of stars in the sky.

I don’t know why I like Buddha so much, but I do.  I think it’s because of his pose.  It’s serene.  And I also know if I were to live to the age of 90, I would still sit cross-legged.  It’s the most conducive pose for meditation.  The trunk of the body rests on the buttocks.  The arms hang.  Some are shrouded.  Others are clearly defined.

My appeal for Buddha took hold of me when I was a teenager.  He appealed to me.  Something clicked inside.  I knew the Crucifix was too dramatic for me.  You must embrace pain when you are a Christian.  And I thought:  I already feel enough pain.  What I need to feel is good.  So looking at Buddha and reading about him made me feel good, even though I did not understand the philosophy well.  It still confuses me, but I like it that way.  I prefer the way I feel when I am with Buddha.  Serenity spreads.


Then I’m jarred back to a reality I really know nothing about.  I am looking at a position that came through LinkedIn.  And I’m going:  Man, who can do all of that stuff?  Definitely not me.  And so that makes me feel out of touch … in a way.  I can clearly observe standards even though I cannot meet the requirements of the position.  Also, I’d like to know who does.  Cause I’d like to meet that person!

I am so far away from you all.  I am in another world.

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