The Night Sky

There’s nothing like looking at the sky at night and seeing a few stars. The town of Las Vegas is quiet – just as its sky is clear enough to detect a star, here and there, the town is – as it is during the day – quiet.

Still there is a tinge of the Wild West about it (which I like). Let’s go pour money into the local economy and revitalize it. Teach children skills that matter – like how to feed yourself. What’s a nourishing diet? (After some silence.). Okay. What is a diet?

The disparity among children living in this intellectual void is crucial. We are not producing bright citizens who will be capable of running the world once we are gone, are we?

What kinds of skills do they need to prosper?

It’s been fascinating, listening to an experienced teacher, talk about the state of learning going on. April 1st will be tricky. How can an almost 3 year old be so bright and sensitive and insecure. And have a grasp of complex ideas and is able to explain them in simple.

And then there are those who are in kindergarten and don’t know how to hold a pencil.

That’s disparity.


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