The Next Chapter

There I was living through the same chapter repeatedly. Just like a broken record. I had never known of any other chapter, honestly, and I hadn’t imagined I would ever get to it because it seemed so far away – at least from my point of view. Does anyone have any idea of what it’s like to engage in the same script for an incredibly long time that it becomes monumental. You can’t see anything else. It blocks the way.

Well, it’s like this:

It can drive you to engage in extreme behavioral alterations, such as chronic morbid thoughts about wanting to die, and why you would feel so much better, if you could – just to get rid of that fucking pain that eats away at you each day, and promotes withering, – chances are you are a good candidate.

It’s far from easy for us to live in a “normal” world because our feelings easily change and many cannot comprehend normal anyway! Yet, here we are, stuck with the morons of society, who have no idea how far off they are from even a glimmer of understanding of what it feels like to be sitting in a chair (upside down) and trying to eat properly at the table, as if nothing is unusual or awkward.

That is a ways off from what they are proselytizing. Quite far. Yet Ignorance must have a charm all of her own…. But Beauty is the real queen here.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

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