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The Moon In My Room

Lighting greatly affects how I feel. Fluorescent? Dangerous. Scattered candlelight and other soft light is warm and energizing, whereas Fluorescent has a chill about it.

As soon as I walked into my room, the first thing I said was bring a lamp. STAT. I can’t handle the overhead light. Much too depressing. Within an hour I had the perfect lamp. Modern. But Early 20th century Modern. Floor lamp with interesting and simple angles and an eggshell shade. Perfect. Immediately the room warmed up.

The overhead was an old-fashioned opaque glass with really ugly light. I wanted to change that.

And I did.

I painted the glass using water colors and the room now glows with Amber. But the camera doesn’t adequately portray it, the reflective colors get washed.

But it’s time to take a break and look at time through the passage of artificial and natural light.









Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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