The Kingdom of Words

I have been doggedly pursuing the task of matching photographs with the names of those photographed so I can offer—for those who prefer photographs to words—a modest sample of photos shot at Comicdom Con Athens 2010.  However, I must confess…  I find this task highly tedious and frustrating.  So many names and pictures to match!  And so, I considered it essential, after a while, that I once again retreat to The Kingdom of Words, and there powder my face and chisel my tongue.  I further saw the need to engage in some dialogue with friends of mine—yes, I do actually have some—for the next few days.  But soon you shall see my gallery of photos from what was an exceptional and inspiring weekend.  And that will be followed by the next piece in the series, titled, The Independents!

Have a great weekend!

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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