The iPhone

I don’t know about you, but I love my iPhone.  And even though the Android market is now bustling, I wouldn’t trade in my iPhone for anything.  Because it does what it does perfectly for me.  I don’t need a zillion apps for my iPhone.  I’m happy with a few.

The iPhone is an elegant piece of craftsmanship.  Infused with an aesthetic not seen in other, knock-off specimens, that attempt to mock it, but cannot quite get to where it has gone, the iPhone is a beautiful piece to behold, first of all.  And its functions, elegant.

I had looked at those phones that were mimicking the iPhone and asked about their performance, and the reports were not encouraging.  And when you are less than satisfied with a product then you know that product has failed to deliver what was promised.

And that’s the difference between being innovative and rearranging the way we see or experience things versus someone who hangs on the tails of innovators and hopes to create something similar, which they never shall, of course.

But because these hanger-ons don’t have the initial vision required to produce something with a hitherto unseen or experienced configuration, what they produce is often an inferior product.  That’s the negative aspect.  However, it can encourage others to explore, and do things like open options for software developers that Apple’s tight hold does not allow.  But these others need to do that, open options, because they themselves may be bereft of the imagination required to explore vistas beyond what is conventionally available.

Unlike the iPhone.

Because the iPhone is actually a pocket-sized (and that’s where I always keep mine) computer.  When my computer was vandalized and destroyed I relied on my iPhone for my connection.  And even though its size wasn’t ideal for doing everything I had to do via a computer and the Internet, it worked.  Beautifully.

I appreciate the products of innovative thinkers, like Steve Jobs.

If it had not been for the iPhone, there would be no Android market today — is my guess.

And that’s exactly why I like it.

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