The Illusion of Time, Television, and its Distortion

THIS one is a real treat. Popped up when I was trying to orientate myself earlier:  Where am I? 
I’ve been watching daytime television for almost a month now. Somehow it helps some people. But for others – it is a death sentence for others. The Soul is quietly poisoned. Imperceptibly, to all except the Soul. So how could the Soul possibly communicate this?
So since I’m not a whiz when it comes to Arithmetic and there is plenty of evidence of 3rd grade math skills …
But at some point, I looked at the colorful figures, doing chic cooking shows, talking among themselves and by projection to you – That satisfies many.  
But others are not satisfied. Others continue to wander and roam, picking other interesting flowers. 
But at some point, you’re actually listening to what they’re saying, and it catches your attention. Something about Chestnut Season and you realize you have no idea what year it is. 
Wait a minute.  Is 2012 over? Or are we still running the reruns?

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