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The Fickle Nature Of The Human Eye – Photography

HERE WE GO AGAIN! WordPress, the most marvelous, dysfunctional app, just told me the shots (But which ones?) will fail to post. What else is new?
Now what I consider visually interesting is NOT what others do. So it’s an enlightening experience to see what others see as beautiful. 
When I arrived in Greece last Wednesday evening, after an abysmal journey from the U.S., I was simply thrilled to get here, and even though I was exhausted in every conceivable way, I could not refrain from shooting what I saw around me. Click, click, click. I began with Athens, an incredibly visually interesting city, and the city I love above all others. 
For me, to use an application, it must be simple. I tried Pin Interest, and I found it unnecessarily cumbersome. So I never go there. My favorite is Instagram. It doesn’t get any more simple than that. Plus, I love the international flavor there. You cross paths with artists from all over the world, and that excites me. But I can never predict who will like what. 
So here’s a sample of what others like …
Garnered a modest response.  An Art Gallery in California liked it, but that was on Twitter. 

This, too, a modest response. However, I simply love this shot!  Who cares, right?

This is, by far, my favorite photograph. Greece attracts many Albanians, and this guy was the most colorful I have yet to come across. Again, a modest response. 

Just him and me. That’s it. I found him in the kitchen sink, petrified, with his eyes open, poor thing. We are great friends now. He’s very cool. 

Eh, not bad, but nothing to write home about. This is my favorite beach. It’s secluded and the water is simply sensational. You know, all that rock therapy that’s popular now?  They charge a 100 bucks to put 5 hot rocks on your back?  Well, here, it’s free. You want rock therapy? Just rub your back against those rocks, and you will feel sensational afterwards. As for the sea, itself, well, whatever ails you, whatever cuts you have from shaving your legs, the combination of the salt and iodine, in addition to all the other minerals in the sea, will heal you in no time. Book a trip to Greece instead of those new age technique promises that promote much, but are short on delivery. 

Again, this was an eh experience. 

Well, we all know how popular religion is today. But I was particularly fascinated with the construction of this icon. It was made of fabric, sequins, and crystals. Very lush experience. The reflection in the background was a happy accident. 

This was the easiest shot I have ever taken. It required absolutely no physical effort on my part. I was sitting in a chair, drinking my espresso, looking at the same scene I’ve observed since I arrived in Paralion Astros last Wednesday, when I decided to click the camera. Yet, mysteriously there was a rush of likes on Instagram. I am bewildered by the response. Plus it keeps on growing. Now I am not one of those persons who cares much about statistics. That been pretty obvious here. But this one?  I’m clueless as to its appeal. 50 likes and the engine keeps burning on Instagram. And thus, I can only attribute it to the fickle nature of the human eye. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. 

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