The End of a Relationship

Is usually not pleasant.  Emotional turmoil.  And personal circumstances.  Combined, form the product of a bad collision.  Pain and suffering is normal.  And you only know that you can no longer stand it.  Because you know it is killing you.  You are wasting away.  And are ignored.  Venom is aimed at you.  And all you know is that you can’t take it anymore.  You want to see it end.  And it feels like forever.  Your goal is to see that you are nourished and in a loving environment — even if that means being alone.  But you are not alone.  Because you have Aristophanes.  And what better companionship at a time like this.  So you are hopeful.  Because you know every time you look at his face he draws love out of you and a smile.  So you are not alone.  Not really.  Not with him.  And all you want to do is get well.  And you know.  That you will.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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