The Downward Spiral of IFC

It’s always interesting how when you’ve been away for an extended period of time, upon your return, you notice things that have been in a gradual process of modification suddenly.

It hits you!  Suddenly.

After living abroad for 8 months, I returned to find my favorite channel dramatically altered.  IFC had been my dependable channel for Independent films and a constant source of satisfaction.  But now, it seems as though their movie programming efforts have slackened, with less independent films being aired, replaced instead by television series like Arrested Development and Monty Python’s Flying Circus, or other series unique to IFC..  Not that these series are bad, or anything like that, but the constant airing of these programs has left a gaping hole in their film offerings, and the station is starting to look malnourished.  If this trend continues, they might want to change their name to reflect this new development, such as ISN or Independent Series Network, since their original name no longer seems applicable.

Makes me wonder also what’s going on at the upper tier of IFC, the executive level.  Is somebody trying to save money, or something?  Who is responsible for programming decisions?  Or is someone merely asleep at the wheel?  Because they certainly seem to be transitioning to a station with limited film viewing possibilities.  And the tank, quite frankly, is empty.


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