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The Disadvantages of Being a Bright Woman

Right off the bat, you know, you’re gonna have way more questions than you ever can have answered.

Some questions can be accidental, as in my case, when I asked a priest, what would happen if god died, when I was nine. That was a life-changing event, making me averse to Religion.


Other questions – all questions – are very specific to certain persons, which you want answered, but who make it difficult to get there.

Years and years, maybe.
Patience is your strongest attribute here.

Then one day you see what they’re made of.
And it’s good stuff.

Other questions are general, like:

What is the origin of the Universe?

Or –

Why doesn’t One plus One equal One?

(One high school math teacher at an elite science school in Illinois – IMSA (Illinois Math and Science Academy – told me that was not a valid question.

And I responded.

I thought all questions are valid).

The method I used, however, to reach that question, was solely based on observation.

I was watching Ted play with his Legos.
Best toy ever!

Discreet, interlocking units, easy to manipulate, good if you’re not good at that –

Anyway, I watched him take the two smallest units and connect them.

Now they were one.
1 + 1 = 1

That guy, at least, didn’t get it.

There is no such thing as a wrong question.

At least, not in the sphere of theories.

Love it.

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