The Geniuses of Wordpress

The Dimwits of WordPress Need A Jolt of Light Knocked Into Their Heads

This is not the first time I have had to belovedly cajole my Host, WordPress. As we already know, each step forward, each upgrade, comes with 10 steps back. When they have something that works splendidly, they’ll make sure they will sabotage themselves. 

They must love pain. 

So now, my Categories have been slashed in half, up to the letter, E, is where they stop. Thus, when I post an entry that comes after E, under the category of Photography, for example, not only can I not use that, I get an error message when I try to add it, telling me it already exists, then asking me if I need help, and then providing none. 

Thus I must continually perform permutations of those categories that already exist, but where could they be?  … Somewhere where I cannot reach and grab them. 

That’s WordPress for you. 

The geniuses behind the scenes of my thoughts. 


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