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The Difference Between The Crazy Ones And The Normal One

WordPress is determined to introduce new ways of solving problems because of their dinosaur physique.
They squeeze the solutions out of their users.
SO …
And this post keeps popping up as having failed to post.
So at this point, I have no idea how many of these are out there.
But it sure is lots of fun!

So I have no idea whatsoever where this fits in this fomenting imaginary monster …
At some point I recall saying something about patterns emerging, but beyond that, I haven’t got the foggiest as to what’s going on here.
It all began with a tiny accident. Lately, I see pieces that had posted showing the post failed. I didn’t want a double-post, and I didn’t know what to do with it, other than edit what lay ahead of me and publish it.
As for today (space for confessional here) the sky is chronically gray with occasional intense thunderstorms. And it is on this day – today – my marriage ended, according to court filings. (Appropriate forecast there.)
I made it!
One may often wonder about that …
How do you explain it?
To demonstrate an accurate version of it.
What general perceptions exist about the Crazies? Stereotypes?
Well lots of those exist.
They’re really popular.
Dynamite stuff.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

Keep it simple ... Radical ... Writer, Artist, Dancer, Musician, Chicago Betty

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If you go to your blog’s dashboard, on the left-hand side there’s a menu; click on “posts” and you’ll get the option of “all posts.” Click on that, and you’ll get a listing of all your posts. If a post only exists in draft form (i.e., hasn’t been published), you’ll see the word “draft” next to its title. Also, the “date” column will tell the date of the post’s publication, or — if it’s not yet published and exists only in draft form — of the date you last modified it.
Or you could just view your blog to see which posts were actually published….

You might be right, it might be too much work. Well, I used to (try to) fix malfunctioning TV sets by repeatedly hitting them on the side — and it sometimes worked; but I’m not sure that that particular fix would be effective for wordpress issues….

Hahahaha! TV sets? I like that! As for wordpress, I have a love-hate relationship with that THING. Periodically I go undercover and contact them with a technical problem and they’re ALWAYS nice and helpful. I had one guy attached to my thread for a month! I don’t know what it is, but I
just love bitching about their clumsy technology.

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