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The Bipolarians

Could not remember, so I just asked a friend if I had told him about The Bipolarians.
I first discovered them living among us about a year ago. It was after a legal hearing for a Bipolarian. Three of us posed for a snapshot selfie, which is what I later used to introduce our world to The Bipolarians, by posting it on Facebook.
Their fathers are big on Education; theirs mothers, Art. This creates an unusual mix of chemicals. We’re not exactly sure what those chemicals are yet. But we sure would like to get our hands on the formula, wouldn’t we?
Then we can produce enhanced Bipolarians right here on Earth!
Wouldn’t that be exciting?
Anyway they are highly revered on their planet.
Unlike here.
Where the planet loves them. And Nature adores them for their spontaneity. –
But those from their own species do not.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

Keep it simple ... Radical ... Writer, Artist, Dancer, Musician, Chicago Betty

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