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The Athenian Approach To Questions…

Is like any other.  If you ask an Athenian a question (especially as one who is passing through, a traveler, for example) you may meet with frustration.  And while not as cryptic as the French, who will answer your question—regardless of the language you have used to phrase it—in French,  Athenians have their own approach to answering questions.

For I have noticed that if you do not phrase your question correctly then the answer you receive will be equally vague.  And it’s not that the Athenian does not understand your question.  More likely than not, the Athenian knows the exact question you are thinking, but cannot express.  But the Athenian will not help you find the correct question—that’s your job, not theirs—and will, instead respond to your imperfect question.  And, this of course, simply produces confusion for the one who asks the question.

So whenever asking an Athenian a question…

Make sure you have carefully crafted your query…

For they will not teach you what you still need to learn.

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