The Adventures of Dexter the Therapy Dog

I have known Dexter for over 5 years know.  I bought him then because I thought he might help me with my Depression.  But he didn’t.  I still couldn’t get mobile or connect emotionally.  And so he became part of the family, there, but not there at the same time.

And then we had a family crisis.  And Dexter became very close to my husband, and essential for his emotional health.  But when the crisis was over and we moved to our apartment, the building did not allow dogs.  So last week my psychiatrist designated Dexter as a therapy dog!  And life has improved considerably.

Dexter is a Shi-tzu, strange looking breed, small but with huge eyes and pretty much a breed that doesn’t demand anything more than affection.  I felt bad for him during the time we were separated.  My friend, Ozzie, could see that he was not happy.  Something was wrong with him.  He changed, she said.  He lost that sparkle.  And so my concern grew.

We started smuggling Dexter into the building on weekends.  And gradually, I realized that I really looked forward to seeing him.  He’s like a stuffed animal with a heart, but pretty empty headed, or else, really smart, as my friend, Ozzie, claims.

But it’s great having him here. 

Life has improved all around.

And that is a good thing.

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