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The Advantages Of Being FORCED Into Wakefulness

As you already know, yesterday was all about Time.  This trend picked last night to fully blossom with a true blast from the past. The Perseid Meteorites?  I was prepared for those.  But this? Not a chance.
On my way to an evening of Music, Dancing in My Chair, and Jaegermeister (Did I spell THAT correctly?) with friends, just as we had finished dinner, I received a notification that there was a comment in response to something I had written on — yep, we’re talking about the same time-frame, I just posted about, a few minutes ago!
If that’s not synchronicity, I don’t know what is!
I looked at the comment, bewildered by its significance.  It was very brief, and answered a question I had posed at the end of my piece, about stylistic issues. So then, I began climbing yet another set of steps into the past, as I read my review backwards.
We had already begun walking to the Katafygio, my favorite hang-out here, since the guy who owns it is both a musician and deejays the music there, and has a fantastic sound system …
So, the place is not more than 200 meters away, and while I am walking, my eyes are stooped over this review I wrote, and I’m mumbling, out loud, while Vangelis and Susan are a few steps ahead of me and are tracking me.

Totally, forgot I had written this.  TOTALLY.
It’s not bad.  I should add it to my writing samples, wherever they are.  (Definitely in a cloud, but not the same as the clouds Big Brother currently commands and oversees.  It’s my cloud, alone. But ever since I fired my Muse in early 2015, I have a really hard time tracking its orbit and location. It’s a complicated mathematical equation …)

So here it is!
(Thanks to an unassuming stranger who stopped by, and who had snatched it from the cloud, brought back to me, and placed it in my lap. Many thanks, GS!)

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