— Alive (1993) —

I have heard this title uttered for years and I can’t explain why I didn’t feel compelled to see this movie.  It cost $32,000,000 and made almost $37 million.  The actors are honed to their craft well and include well-known names, like, Illeana Douglas, Ethan Hawke, and Vincent Spano.  So what happened?  Why did it fail?  I think maybe its advertising was amiss somehow.  Or maybe how people talked about it, word-of-mouth.  But I just didn’t feel up to watching a movie about humans who are forced to cannibalism.

How appetizing!

But when you actually watch the movie, what you see instead is their struggle that adversity has forced them to undertake and to examine themselves using fundamental human instincts.   They must be philosophical and practical.  Their best skills must shoot to the forefront.  It is a matter of life or death.  To survive they would have to eat human flesh.


Maybe a bit too scary for most.

The movie was produced in Finland — I think — or at least shot there — I think! — and I am having a hard time finding information about it on  So I think I’ll just google it and see what else I can find.  It’s worth watching, for sure, especially on a wintry day. When you might want to fantasize a bit.

But be assured, once is enough.

At least for me.

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