Technical Stuff About This Place Here — Just Kidding!!!

Technical prowess has never been my strong suit.  You might as well just put me in a bowl of jelly,  I’ll bob around there for a long time.  Or so it appears to me.  But every once in a while my other strengths collaborate with my weaker ones and produce a fine resolution to a problem.  Even though I am lousy at — what now — arithmetic,  addition in particular — I am logical when I think problems through.

Now for the technical stuff.  I stopped using Safari because it was unstable and prone to crashes, and I was delighted with Firefox.  It had the intuitiveness of Apple thinking kind of approach.  But now, I’m running into problems.  The Google tab doesn’t work for example.  Sometimes it tells me it is still loading a page when I can see nothing is what is happening instead.  A kind of freeze.  So I thought I should report these things to the Mozilla team, but — ugh — I don’t feel like going there now!

Hm.  Sounds like somebody is looking for a job!

Sort of.

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