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The Day The Train Left WordPress

This is my final departure post on WordPress… “The Sequence” Moving away from WordPress and towards the Sun It was over a year ago I witnessed an alarming signal from WordPress. It didn’t affect me personally and it did. Someone from another WordPress site had “liked” a piece I had written, and curious about that […]

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To Hell and Back Through Letters

Couldn’t help but share my experience in response to Robert Stokes Missive: “Could not stop laughing at the Robert Stokes Letter. I had a similar experience, but mine was a mere prelude to service, not an entire symphonic piece. Plus, my language was restrained. Last July the paper had published an opinion piece of mine, […]

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Nudge I nudge my cardiovascular system by extending my daily journey from the Dark Kitchen Room to The Light Room Of Many Windows and the kitchen and the light room of many windows and…the… It sure is bright in there. There’s a world of difference between them. Both serve a purpose. But really. Who would […]

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The Human Imposter

The Human Imposter Part 1 Beliefs Evolution Bugs One day I discovered that where our tails had once been, scales now began to appear and develop. The rest of my flesh was still intact, but for how long? While most prefer to think in terms of evolution, I was forced to consider de-evolution as an […]

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Polish Tomatoes And Plato