“The Adderall Diaries” (Film Review)

“I don’t know about other people, but when I watch a really good film, I read the credits, from beginning to end. I want to know exactly who was involved in the Production of the film, from Director to Grips to Hair Department Head (kind of funny, isn’t it?) to Parking Coordinator to Tattoo Consultant.

Each film is different and therefore those involved vary. Like Tattoo Consultant. However, some things are constant and never change. Those people are usually at the top of the list, and each one plays a vital. role. It’s an industry because of these factors and requires lots of technical expertise, which means a lot of jobs  

Then, of course, it lists who funded the production. Was it an Independent studio or a major studio, like Universal. And then, we have a gem the gem – Sundance, which always invests in highly creative projects. They don’t do films based on Comic Book characters, for example. 

The Executive Producer of The Adderall Diar”

And that’s where the rest of the piece got trashed, and I could not restore it, from the trash, got an error message, and there’s no fucking way, I am going to rewrite. Plus, I can’t change the permalink, which says”/trashed” And that’s the slug.

That’s WordPress. Great, ain’t it?

And the irony is? The piece refers to the Demons of Writers.

The Day The Train Left WordPress

This is my final departure post on WordPress…

“The Sequence”

Moving away from WordPress and towards the Sun

It was over a year ago I witnessed an alarming signal from WordPress. It didn’t affect me personally and it did. Someone from another WordPress site had “liked” a piece I had written, and curious about that site, because it had the word publishing as part of its name, I decided to saunter over there, to learn more about that site.

When I clicked on the link, the message I saw was disturbing. The site had been deactivated by WordPress. But why? Gradually,  I came to realize  I had less control over my content than I thought I had.

When I addressed this issue with WordPress over Twitter they downplayed it. But I was not satisfied with their response and I expressed my concern to the team on Twitter.

Anyway, it’s taken close to a year to migrate my content here and into my own .com site. I will provide (at some point) a more thorough comprehensive article about that fine line between ownership, copyright, and ultimately, censorship. But for now, I am just interested in dancing with words

So if you’re still interested in reading what I am writing, what I am painting, what I am photographing, what I have written, get on the train and head over to this station:


For some reason, Google, for now, is showing the wrong url, which opens a page that designates the site as not secure. This is an error based on a single by highly important letter in the url. The correct url is provided above: “https” not “http” That’s the significant letter.

This is not an end but a journey into another chapter.”

And, of course, the next piece will be about the fine print behind Internet giants — at least some of them. It would be a monumental task to research the fine print of all of them, but when you do read the fine print, you discover you are agreeing to their terms, not yours, and this can unwittingly put you at a disadvantage. But I will probably spend more time discussing how to get free from the noose of WordPress’s stylistic dominance on formatting, which is almost virtually impossible. 

Slight detour —


I was SO delighted to be able to access my “CATEGORIES” that I just went wild, picking flowers, here and there, to better flavor the absurdity of this experience. I have been SO deprived on the WordPress iPhone App. My categories only go as far as “Contemporary Psychiatric Practices.”  That’s it.  EVERYTHING below that is buried somewhere, and WordPress will NOT allow me to access that information.
For a long time, I had to mutate single words through variations of their letters, to create a NEW category, which I knew I would only be able to use once —
That was every time I got the message: “THAT category already exists”
I KNOW that, already.
I created the category.
Now stop hiding the key from me!
But, alas.  You think they listened?  On Twitter.  And, at times, they even tried to wrestle me.  THAT was a mistake.  Because they never won the match!  But still, they continued with their lame and dull and scripted rhetoric, the language of nothingness, the language that does nothing, says nothing, the noise, the hum, the drone, the babbling, the language that simply takes up space, and their groupies who licked their lollipops there . . .
WordPress has responded!
Must be important.
But it was not.
Now to be fair, this is NOT unique to WordPress.  Government bureaucracies love that rhetoric, too.  And any other agency that portends to help others, but in fact, does its best to keep people chained to their shackles, and dizzying them with the wheels of this type of rhetoric.
I know it well.
Pretty sure I’m gonna bury WordPress soon.  It’s just WAY too complicated for me. And they just don’t listen.  But that’s another piece altogether.


So how do you get around WordPress structural shortcomings? Well, here on my phone, where I do EVERYTHING, I cannot access ANY saved categories beyond the letter C. WordPress KNOWS they exist. It tells me so every time I try to use them. It just won’t let me see or use them. But I wrote them, dammit! 
Must be really, really stingy.
In fact, the last category I can access is: “CONTEMPORARY PSYCHIATRIC APPROACHES”
Thus one must improvise. One must stay as close to the letter A as possible. Then append other names to it. 
WHO would have ever thought being American would be a handy nomenclature for writers and artists!
But enough silliness for now, for there are dark clouds simmering below this line. 


I have accepted that WordPress has a worthless word processing app – I have come to terms with it – so I composed this, as I wanted to compose it, on Pages, to look exactly the way I wanted it to look, and shot a picture of it – but that’s not what the short story is about.